About the images:

We often miss much of the richness of everyday life, preoccupied with thoughts of the past and future, our perceptions obscured by mental chatter. The labels we attach to phenomena also cloud our perceptions. We identify a collection of colours and lines as a car and walk on, missing the beauty of the reflections in the car's smooth surface, or we see a body of water and label it "water", or "river", or "ocean" and completely miss the swirling reflections of various colours and shapes floating on the top of the water like paint. With these photographs, I hope to point out the beauty of everyday experience, encouraging awareness of the brilliance that surrounds us moment by moment.


About myself:

I was born in 1973 in Kingston, Ontario and currently live in Toronto. I have been practicing Miksang photography since 2001 after taking a series of workshops with teacher and photographer Michael Wood in Halifax. The practice of Miksang has greatly enriched my life, adding beauty and clarity to my visual experience, and helping me to be awake and alive in the moment. I am currently still studying with the co-creator of Miksang John McQuade here in Toronto. In the past I have exhibited in the Art Sales and Rentals section at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and at Luigi's Cafe in Chester, Nova Scotia. At my day job I work for New Visions Toronto as a 1:1 worker with a physically and intellectually disabled man.


The images on this website can be purchased for $300.00 (US or Canadian) for an unframed 12 by 18 inch archival print rated to last more than 200 years before noticeable fading occurs. If you want larger sizes feel free to contact me and we can work out a price for a custom print. For now I don't have any sort of shopping cart installed, so a cheque or money order will have to be mailed to me at the address below for payment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

My contact info:

e-mail: natbirch@hotmail.com
phone: 416-828-2755

126 Riverdale Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1C3